Hanging Out…

Hello!  Today I’m hanging out.  I spent a whopping $5.00 on a frozen yogurt.  I invited my walking buddy to join me and I had a free one for her (rewards card).  That was all the money out today.  I am actually going to keep my spending as low as I can for as long as I can!

It was nice to wake up to cooler weather this morning, so it was a nice cool lake walk the whole time.

After the drama at the board meeting last night, it was nice to just walk this morning and put things in perspective.  You may know that I was on the board of my very dysfunctional HOA for a couple of years.  It was hard, so I stepped down.  I just have to make sure I have enough time to help my kid get through Junior year and set up for a good college.  That is a full time job.  I could not commit to the board any longer.

I wanted to go and show some support last night as an owner, but it appears there are some really hard feelings toward me for stepping down.  Needless to say, I was there for five minutes and then I got up and left.  Done.

I cannot wait to sell, and now, I can probably sell in 25 months.  That’s how long I am still in the BK.  It might take awhile for the case to be closed after that, but still, it’s a lot closer than it was before.  The end is in site!

Oh to dream!

If the market stays up I might have at least $100,000 in equity!  I plan on selling this place myself!  I am not handing 6K over to somebody just to list it, when it is in a very sought after area.  I just need to hire an escrow company.

Speaking of dreaming.   My daughter got me hooked on Tumbler and FALL is so popular right now.  Everyone is so over summer!  I know I sure am.

Check out this images of Fall.  It’s so relaxing.  I’m a mountain / woodsy girl rather than a summer / beachy girl.


fall leaves





After I walked and had a frozen yogurt with my friend, I came home and have been doing laundry and putzing.  I have the TV on and I started watching Lakefront Bargains.


Have you ever watched it?  It makes me want to find a lakefront home!  Winking smile

I could handle a mountain home too.  Oh to dream… seems  I am a dreamer.


Maybe if I save every single cent in the next seven years, I can make that happen.

I just have to move get out of Southern California and that does not make me mad!

I can’t wait to move get the hell out of here.  I need a positive change, it just won’t happen fast enough for me.

What are you up to this holiday weekend?   Are ya dreaming of better days?



7 thoughts on “Hanging Out…

  1. Wow, those Fall pics are awesome. Looking forward to Mizzou football, colorful leaves, and pumpkin everything. Have a great weekend, Debt Girl.

    • Not gonna lie, I had to look up Mizzou football! Doh! My daughter went to her high school football game and they got creamed last night! Usually they are the cream of the crop! Sometimes that’s a good lesson. We are looking forward to every thing fall too! Kid looking forward to my pumpkin spiced pancakes secret recipe! Shhhhh. Trader Joes box! Try it!!! Enjoy your time off! Xo

      • It cracks up my Southern California friend that in Columbia, MO WE ALL wear gold and black on game day. I highly recommend finding a smallish college town for your retirement living.

  2. I’m here in Massachusetts and I love Fall! ….and winter too. Not doing anything special but like you I enjoy my down time/home stuff/ time with kiddo.
    I have to work Monday but I don’t mind because I’ve picked up more work that I so desperately needed.
    Better days? Yes!!!! Anything is better than what I’ve been through in the last couple of years.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • Hi Kay,
      I love Mass. I lived there for a couple of years, in the early 90s in Acton, near Concord and I think of my walks around Waldon pond, my days spent in Concord and going downtown. I love Mass. When I think of seasons I think of Mass. You are so lucky! Enjoy your weekend and I hope that whatever you have been going through gets easier on you and you find some relief! Have a relaxing weekend and come back and visit me! We can relate! xoxoxox Its almost pumpkin season and I love the way everyone decorates their porches there with Fall!!! Looks ridiculous here really.

  3. I DO live in the mountains (in France) and I love it. The down side of course is slithering into town when the snow is deep (that part I hate). I have about 5 years to go until I retire and was giving some thought to maybe moving to Spain, which is a lot cheaper than where I live and which I love. But I was having coffee with a Spanish friend and she said her family in Madrid had been having the same heatwave as we had, only about 20 degrees hotter!! And although they had air conditioning (we don’t) they were almost afraid to go out or put their blinds up so her sister was almost in a depression. Well that got me to thinking that I do NOT want to move somewhere where I can’t get away from the heat. Here I can just put more clothes on in the cold months or we can go up the mountains (big skiing country here) and get into the sunshine. So I think in the end I will stay here and maybe scoot off somewhere warm a couple of times during the winter. And yes I love the fall too. Spring and fall – ah my favourite seasons. And well done on the progress you are making. Time will fly by and you really will soon be able to live your dream. Anna

    • Thank you Anna for stopping by! FRANCE! Wow! I think you are my reader who commented on my Ponds post! I think about you when I pass it in the store! Anyway… I agree about the winter being easier to handle than the heat. Especially if you have a fireplace. If the heat goes out, you have that. I am really starting to think of all the things I want when I retire in cooler climes. I want a fireplace, no stairs, paved level streets and not too many people around, yet close shopping, library, movies, etc. I agree, stay in France. I mean, from what I gather, it would be just a guess on my part. But weather is huge. I would rather cozy up to a fire than die under a fan! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are right about the time. The first year went pretty fast then it came to a crawl. Maybe the last two years will go by quickly. We are sure busy and that helps! Come back soon!

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