Head In The Clouds

Hello! I am excited! When is the last time you heard that from me? Before I tell you why I just wanted to share a piece of my weekend.

Yesterday my kid did her homework and then instead of taking her golfing she just felt like doing some art.


I think balance is key and when she wants to do art, I can’t resist.  She is golfing today!   She did that and I did this:


I always think of my reader Gail who I haven’t heard from in ages!  She loves to iron!   Hope all is well!

Then we rented The Age of Adeline to watch, its such a cute movie.  Yesterday was a nice day.

Ok ok ok now I get to tell you why I am so excited. Retirement! That is why! Its not that far off. What makes that so exciting is because I get to get out of Southern California.

I hope and pray there will be at least $100,000 equity in this condo because I decided to put it down on a home in the country!

Look at just a few examples I have found in Oregon.

Most of them on land with water.





That one is expensive but so pretty.









The beauty of my plan is that I don’t care which part of Oregon. I don’t have to worry about kids schools or commuting to work. I can live wherever the price is right and the surroundings are what I want for the rest of my life!

Here’s my view now.


I want trees. I want a yard! I want it all before I kick the bucket.

I think that opening up my options to “anywhere” in Oregon was the best thing I could do! I’m so darn excited.

So now instead of just looking for the day I get my discharge I am looking forward to the day I can sell this condo and have my downpayment for my forever home!

Yes I am beyond excited for the first time in ages!

What do you think of those places?

Whats your plan?



12 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds

  1. Hi Debtgirl, those are beautiful places. I like your condo too..mainly because you are in California and you have more sun & warm weather than I do here in Canada (although today was unusually warm at 88f although it’s not going to last). We used to live in the country but found it expensive and are now near downtown village area but still close to a big city…it’s fine I’m not certain what I would like for the future.I’m so glad you have dreams. I am trying to figure mine out…not sure, maybe travel more. Maybe most of all to find some inner peace…really find I need that as I get older. Hope you get one of those homes though, they are lovely!

    • Kiki, California is crazy expensive and we are running out of water! I just want out! I am an Oregon girl and I want out. If you moved from Canada you would miss so much about it! Xoxo

  2. We traveled through seaside, or last year sndcfoundvit charming, definitely a place we would consider retiring ourselves. Who knows – maybe we’ll be doddering old lady neighbors someday.

    • That would be awesome! I look forward to making new friends when I retire! I think that part if my life will be the best part, providing my health stays good! Hgtv househunters is going to be in Salem tonight. Plan on checking that out too.

      But like Kim said, the college towns look like fun, I have lots of time to learn!

      • Yep, us too. We were just in Seattle and found few places near the city we thought “we could live here” although we did look. We have at least another 8 to 10 years to decide about retirement. Even if we stay here, our home will be completely paid for by the time I cease working, although I would like to leave California just because it’s ridiculously expensive.

  3. @janelle. It’s crazy expensive! I think it’s a beautiful state but there is no middle class here. It’s all 1%! They should just kick us all out and turn it into a play land for the rich! Oh wait, it already is! 🙂

  4. That is exactly what I want too! An Oregon seaside home is my dream retirement place, but I’ll also settle for some acreage out in the middle of nowhere or up in the mountains with no neighbors in sight. I am so ready. I wish my bank account was, LOL.

    • I am so ready too! My kid told me I am obsessed. I keep showing her property, driving her nuts! She told me a lot can happen in 6 years mom! She has no idea.

      This morning I opened my window and already heard other people, cars and dogs. I just want to see green and hear birds!

      We will get there One!

    • Yes, it’s way too high here. Thankfully I won’t work there because incomes are low. But I could take on a part time if I am healthy. Two years until I can sell is gonna drive mr crazy now! 😉

  5. Wow those homes are so pretty – and the prices!!! They are unbelievable. Sooooooo cheap compared to here. I know of course that salaries are also higher here for that reason and you have to compare apples to apples, but they are some pretty nice apples all the same. And your daughter is right, of course a lot can happen in 6 years but you have to make plans and it is nice to have something inspiring you to keep going. I will be 57 this month and could theoretically take early retirement, but having to buy my ex out in order to keep our roof over our heads means that that is not possible. I could feasibly go at 61 and comfortably at 62, house paid off. That is my aim anyway. I don’t hate my job – I have a good employer and I know I am very lucky – but I am tired and am looking forward to some “me” time. Anyway, it’s good to dream.

    And regarding your previous comment, yes it was me that said I liked Ponds – and ponds also – though not the mozzies. Cheers. Anna

    • Lol! Happy Birthday Early! I just turned 55 in May. We are so close in age!

      At least when I move back there(fingers crossed my plan works) I won’t have to work or just a small fun job if I can get it!

      You are so lucky to have paid off almost! Congratulations!!!!!! You did it!!!!!

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