Rude Awakening – Ouch

So… I started looking at the cost of apartment living and I was completely blown away!

My mortgage, taxes, and Hoa are less than most one bedroom apartments!





My plan is to sell the condo in Spring 2018, buy a house in Oregon and rent it out. I was thinking the market is climbing and the sooner I buy there the better.

But maybe I can just hold into this place and save some $$$$! I sure hate living here though!

That was a rude awakening!

Can you believe the rent prices? WTH?


14 thoughts on “Rude Awakening – Ouch

  1. Debtgirl…those rents are insane. I don’t know how anyone affords them. Maybe you need to check out the job market in Oregon and move up here once your plan is done. Does that mortgage payment include the amount being stripped?

    • Hi Sophieanne! I am so done in the job market! I am sticking with my job because the longer I work here the better my income in retirement will be.

      I havent paid on the second that is getting stripped since I went into BK. šŸ˜‰

  2. I think the average person spends so much in rent that they don’t ever save up for a down payment. I dont like having housemates at my age (mid-thirties), but living alone is stupidly expensive (like, $2k per month fir a studio, utilities, and internet.)

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