Cheater Pants!


That links should work.

Do you remember last year when one of the girls on my daughters high school golf team got DQ’d from the County Tourney the first time she played for “conduct unbecoming”?

Well the high school coach ignored it and told the team it was not true.

I gave up! I told my kid that he is an event planner only and unfortunately her high school experience is what it is. I told her to keep her distance from Cheater Pants.

My kid continues to play in other tourneys. She is doing so well! She practices so hard!

Its sad that the integrity of the whole team is in jeopardy because of the cheater, who in my opinion should have been cut last year!

Makes me sad!

Thats another thing, Cheater Pants beat my kid by 3 strokes during the game she played and that is the game that the coach from the other team is questioning! Thank you coach from the other team!!! She never practices, how can she improve?

I have secretly been hoping for justice! But it sounds like the coach is in serious denial.

What are you up to this weekend? I am taking my kid golfing tomorrow and her dad is taking her on Sunday.

I hope you have the weekend you need!



2 thoughts on “Cheater Pants!

  1. How sad about cheater-pants and the weak-willed, short-sighted coach. DD is getting a tough life lesson watching this unfold. No big plans for us this weekend – chores, work, exercise, DH is attending a memorial service for a very old friend of his I have never met. Low-key and hopefully relaxing.

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