Life is a Numbers Game

Hello!  Hope your weekend is everything you need it to be!

I spent the day on the golf course with my kid yesterday, it’s a big chunk of time and well worth it.  She did good, not great, but good.  Her “numbers” are not where she wants them to be, but she is getting there, in “time” she will be there.


Life is a numbers game.  I just realized how much I rely on numbers  Is it just me?

Here’s the latest game I’m playing. Next month is the three year mark in this five year Chapter 13. This Sixty Payments has been going on for thirty six months!

In two years, I will hopefully be discharged – In two years after that the Bankruptcy will be off my credit report – In two years after that I can retire and get the hell out of here and move to the sticks and start living a life I want to live


At age 62, if health permits I might be able to finally be happy.  Content.  I don’t think we can ever by truly happy for very long periods of time, but we can be content with our lives and then sad and happy given whatever crap we as humans have to deal with and believe me, there is so much crap that is just waiting to be had! Winking smile

The trick to playing the numbers game is to try to stay sane.  You can have too many numbers games going on in your head at one time and that’s overload.  I find myself getting caught up in numbers games for my kid as well.  For instance, her golf scores, the money she needs, the dates she will drive, go to college, etc.  Its all in the numbers.

I use numbers as stepping stones, mile posts to get to my goals, but sometimes it’s a good idea for me to step back and just live.


That for me is easier said than done.

I can’t wait to be 62 and one friend asked me if I really meant it because it seems like I was wishing my life away.

Yes!  I REALLY mean it.  If I could wake up tomorrow and be 62 I would in a heart beat!  That my friends is my magical number and that is why I am so obsessed with numbers!


Is it just me?  What are your numbers games?

Have a wonderful rest of your 24 hours!  Winking smile



17 thoughts on “Life is a Numbers Game

  1. I work with numbers all day long. But the most important number for me is the first day I can retire (years of service, plus age). I may work past that date but it will be so nice (& a relief) that I could retire with full benefits any time after that date. Until then, it feels like I am a prisoner doing time. So, I so relate to you and this post. I pray for both of us that there there is more sunshine and rain over then next several years.

    • Stephanie, me too, years of service plus age! Its definitely a sort of prison!

      I think we need to look outside of work for our satisfaction and just remember that it is a means to and end!

      Yes pray for us, we got this! Xoxo

  2. I do the same thing. I’m 45 and I can retire in 10 but realistically it will be 13. I think about it at least once a week. Sometimes I joke out loud to my work buddies. When they say is it Friday yet, I ask ‘is it 2028?’ And I’m only half kidding…one kid in second year university and one in grade 10, we have to pay for that and then ramp up retirement money… yes, I think about it constantly

    • Is it 2022 yet? I love it! It’s hard not to think of retirement isnt it? I’ve been thinking about it off and on for awhile but as my kid told me yesterday, I am obsessed!

      All of a sudden it is that bright and shiny object!!

      :-$ Xoxo

  3. Hi Debtgirl,
    I’ve actually decided to give up on numbers. I working in accounting all day so that’s enough for me.
    I suddenly realized that I was so obsessed with numbers and time that I stopped enjoying life.
    If we do this, the outcome will be that. If I stay somewhere I’m not happy x number of years, we can do this and have that. Guess what? I’ve seen too many people on that cycle who for whatever reason lose it…their job..their health..their money…they’re family, their life. And for what, for the hope that someday things will be different. There will always be one more goal to reach, one more plan to do, one more if only I could hang on for whatever reason. I live within my means, I occasionally splurge, I know where I would iike to be eventually but I’m not going to obsess over it any more. I want to live in the moment, want to experience what today has to offer and I want to enjoy what I can. I want to know that I can enjoy and get through , day to day for the next 5-7 years not obsess to make time speed up and miss out on what could be the best time of my life. Since no one knows what tomorrow will bring, do what you have to do, don’t deprive yourself and enjoy everyday to the fullest. You have a lot of good things in your life..enjoy them, savor them and don’t wish the time away. That’s me on my soapbox.sorry.

    • Sophieanne you sre do right! One has to live in the moment! I actually do but with one eye on the clock! 😉

      I have my obsessed days and then my live in the moment day. Probably more obsessed days.


  4. We’re in a similar number-crunching phase of life. In 8 years I will be 62, eligible for early social security, and DH will be 66.5, eligible for full social security. Not sure yet what our plan is for retirement when, but I now believe we will definitely retire and be okay. Eventually. For at least the next 8 years I keep working, we keep saving, we live on our budget and take better, best care of our overall health and wellness, so we can enjoy retirement when it finally comes.

  5. My dad was just talking about his retirement countdown.

    At this point, I am just trying to build a 401k, save for a down payment, and pay off my loans. It will be a long slog, so I am also trying to structure in some fun.

    • Hi Bridget, it is a long slog but when I was younger it was the last thing on my mind! I wish I thought of it sooner! Hows your golf game? I cant wait to play. Every time I start to play I realize the $$ it takes!

      • I haven’t actually golfed a game yet – still on the driving range! But I have a consistent swing and am learning to hit off the grass. I might go sometime before the winter – there’s a course that does $15 per person games and is fairly short and easy.

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