Northern California on Fire

It looks bad, no… It is bad! It makes my heart ache!











Please send out positive thoughts and prayers for the home and land owners as well as the Firefighters and animals!

Since I plan to live in the sticks I better research this hazard and insurance.

NPR reported today that lots of the homeowners in the area are retirees, with limited income, limited insurance.

My heart aches for those people! Can you imagine? What now for them?



6 thoughts on “Northern California on Fire

  1. We live around 2 hours away from this and our air quality is awful. It’s pretty tragic. I think the number homes lost is over 400. It’s a lot cooler today but there’s a pretty good breeze. I’m thinking we need to get an emergency bag ready to go. You just never know when this could be you. I feel awful for those who have lost everything😞

  2. Things like this always help put things in perspective. Yes, it is Monday, but I have a job to go to that I mostly enjoy. I have a home to return to that isn’t threatened by fire. Stay safe, Debt Girl.

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