We got rain, finally. All night long.


It looks like it won’t last long, unfortunately.


Some is better than none.

Had to up the medicine I am on and last night it caused really vivid nightmares.

Great. Just what I need, drama even while sleeping.

It is what it is, as long as it keeps me in remission, bring on the boogie man! Perfect timing with Halloween right around the corner.


Hope you have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. It is weird how medicine can make you dream. I’ve had seasonal allergies that are bad this year. The stuff I take at night makes me have weird dreams. Here’s to more rain and sound sleep! Sweet dreams, Debt Girl.

  2. Rain..wonderful rain…..WA state has finally got some but not as much as I would like to see. The temps you show are still far too high. They’re starting to cool down which is good because this is the first year I have suffered from allergies and it’s been horrible. The warmer it gets the worse I’ve felt. Maybe I’ll have to retire in Alaska after my plan ends (lol). Fortunately for the last couple days I’ve actually been feeling the closest to normal that I’ve felt in months.
    I’m sorry your medication is causing nightmares…But I guess that’s a small price for feeling good.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. Can you believe how fast September is going?

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