Do You Podcast?

Happy Hump Day!

For some reason not feeling “happy” at all today. Maybe because its payday and again, its gone!

I had to pay back my kids savings.

Heavy sigh! What must it be like to actually earn a wage and see some improvement in your finance. What the hell is that like?

My smug ass, loser boss just sits in his office doing (we know what) just raking it in! Despise that man! Detest! I used to actually sort of respect and tolerate him, but that was before he threw me under the bus and lied to me. F him! May he sit in there and get hemorrhoids and shingles! Or worse! Spew!!!

Moving on, sorry! Just a healthy vent.

Went for my morning walk this morning it keeps me sane and from going in his office and ripping out what hair he actually has left.

Lately I have been listening to Podcasts.


There are so many you can listen to for free. Today I listened to this one:


I love short stories! I also like listening to Ted.

It was so nice and really cool today.




I used to call my mom on my walks. I miss her terribly, more and more.




7 thoughts on “Do You Podcast?

  1. Chin up, Debt Girl. I used to be annoyed that payday wasn’t exciting because all my money was allocated. Now I just try to look at that as good budgeting. I LOVE podcasts. I’ll have to try out the NPR Money one.

    • O think i am still really from the furniture and laptop as well as the new lock on the door a few months ago!

      The bright side is I dont have to buy any of those for years!

  2. I have listened to podcasts, though not for while. I liked Dave Ramsey and also listened to some political talk show ones. My only real time available to listen is during my commute and I find I much more enjoy listening to audio books. Right now I’m listening to Wild, by Cheryl Strayed

  3. The Pacific trail sounds fascinating…being near nature is always soul lifting! Today was my hump day too, I worked till 9pm and get so tired….the weather has been nice here though and that’s a plus.

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