Work Week Ends Today

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a post header that reads: “Retirement Starts Today” ?

I am super aware, now that I have retirement in my sites, of everyone around me who is already retired!

Last Saturday this lady that played golf with my kid is retired:


I think she was mid sixties and she looked good! Its encouraging to see that!

Last night I went to back to school night: so cute!


Anyway… I was talking to other people and the happiness about retirement is palpable! I mean… You can actually get a contact high. There was a set of grandparents there laughing and having a ball! I could not take my eyes off them!


So maybe its not going to happen today, but it is going to happen. In the meantime I will continue to get to a successful BK discharge, because without that, my dreams could never happen.

Trying to enjoy the journey!

Have a wonderful day!



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