Amazing Weekend

Hello!  My kid shot a 78 today!!!  Wow! 

For that reason alone, it has been an amazing weekend.  But it really has been amazing for a couple of reasons.

First of all I went to a different local library yesterday to pick up some reading material for my kid.




I thought this was pretty amazing.



I had to find the Joy Luck Club for a paper at school. 



I also got the movie!


I would say finding both was pretty amazing, but even more amazing is after I found the book at the library I found it later for .50 at a thrift store.  Score!  More Amazing!

Then last night I helped my kid get ready for her tourney today.  She was nervous. First game of the new season and lots of new, good players.  I would be intimidated a little too.

I did lots of things to prepare her including going to bed early.  We were up at 4:45. She got all her home work done, no worries there, shoes cleaned, new glove, tees, balls and….


I washed her clubs and shined them up and they were so pretty!   Looked like brand new!  And the grooves on the club faces were actually grooves.

Then this morning the weather and the drive and the courser were…absolutely Amazing! 





Not to leave out the view! 

Check this amazing scorecard out!


Look at all those pars!


She came in second today but the tourney continues tomorrow!  Still amazing.  Having her name up on top of the leaderboard most of the day was…. yes, you guessed it!

So here’s what I did again tonight!


I swear it made all the difference, that and my kid is an amazing golfer anyway. 

She is finding her stride!  So proud!

Tomorrow, back at it.

Tonight I will not worry that my mortgage payment has not hit my checking account and that makes it so damn late!  I know its not the  end of the world, but man o man!  Scary.  But I am not even thinking about it, not even.

Hope you are having an Amazing weekend!


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