First Big Win!

She did it.  She is the Champ!  Our girl won the Champion Girls Golf Division this weekend!!!!

It was hotter than heck this weekend and some of the players were dropping like flies.  Like triple digits!  But my kid was bound and determined to get this win!

I just felt it coming too!  Her dad knew this was her weekend as well.  There was something in the air.

I wish I could show you her trophy, it’s her first glass trophy.  It looks a lot like this one.  Of course its for golf and not football!


She has a plaque from High school and a Q School medal already, now she has a glass trophy.  Looks like I better get a shelf ready. Yep, I’m gonna be one of “those” parents.

The best part about this win is that it shows that her hard work is paying off.  Now we can share her scores with coaches at colleges and they can see that she went from a  beginner to a winner in just three years!  She took scores in the 100s to scores in the 70s in a very short period of time.  At this rate, she will be a minus par player someday!  This kid has got talent, she really does.

Unfortunately the weekend took its toll on my health.  The new med dosage is really playing games with my body as well.  I decided to stay home today to try to even things out.  I hope this new dosage calms down.  It’s keeping me up when I’m exhausted and that is not good.  I can’t get run down too much or I will flare and that just can’t happen right now… or ever again… I know that is unlikely.  I just try my best to keep them at bay as long as I can. 

So today I am at home to mend while my gorgeous girl goes out and takes on the world!  Watch out world!

Have a great day!



9 thoughts on “First Big Win!

  1. This is soooo wonderful Congratulations to you both! Your daughter for her great game, and you, Mom, for your unfailing support. 🙂

    • Thank you! She is so happy and on cloud nine with this win. A boost for her confidence, also her team goes undefeated so far, and cheater pants cant play in thise games.

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