Yep! Broke! I seem to be in a rut! I keep having to borrow from my kids car fund to make my bills!

So I decided to do some more trimming!

I called the cable company and I got my cable bill slashed in half! They are sending me basic cable boxes, only 99 channels and no movies for 60.00 a month. Last month my cable was 148.00!

Then I called ATT to see if they could give me a better deal, they could not but the girl gave me a 27.00 credit on my next bill. It might be time to switch to Sprint!

I trimmed my own bangs and decided my gray will have to do until my girlfriend comes to visit, she is a hairdresser!

No car washes, no fancy groceries, basic no nonsense everything!

Its not like I have been over spending on purpose, its just so much has come up and the prices have gone up too. Eggs in California are 8.00 for 18 pack!

I am bound and determined to afford golf for my kid, so tomorrow I have to figure it.

Last night we went to a college fair, speaking of rising costs!

Its a lot!

We also have a free SAT practice test lined up tomorrow. I feel like I am tossing out darts and hope something sticks!

I need gas in my car too, low on groceries, car needs maint!

The list is endless…I am sure this is just a fourth of it all.




4 thoughts on “Broke

  1. Broke. I am right there with you. 😦 I can’t imagine needing to get my kid a car or ready for college though! I swear I’ve tried to cut back to the most basic budget, but it’s never enough! And AT&T sucks. I tried to lower my internet bill, it jumped from $29/mo to $52/mo and it’s slow as dial up DSL, suppose to be 3.0 speed, but only tests as high as 1.2, but they said that’s “acceptable”, anyway, no lower price for me. We have them for cellphones too….$198 since adding my MIL to our plan. That was a HUGE mistake, we lost two $25/mo discounts because we added her. 😦 😦 I’d switch companies, but AT&T is the only service that works out here. Sigh.

    • Hey there Angella! ATT does suck! Too expensive! I was supposed to go to sprint today but spent the day on the couch. I did get my new cable boxes already and hooked the up, they are tiny??? I think we will live and I am so sorry I didn’t do this years ago! I read on Tahoe Girls blog about YNAB and I am looking into that as a new budget software but it costs 60 and I just don’t have it! I also told my kid while she is in season I might stop taking her golfing on Saturdays because she gets 18 holes during the week, plus practice. I am bare boning groceries and trying not to drive anywhere. Even if I don’t spend on extra dime, something always comes up!!!! So hard lately! Love the baby pics!!! So cute! Xoxo

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