Are You Kidding Me?

Aren’t my post charming and fun lately? Its been one scare after another!

Remember when I thought it was a good thing that Chase wrote off my Heloc?

Turns out it might not be such a good thing after all!

In fact it might be a very bad thing!

I might have to pay taxes on it!


Guys I swear I am about to pop!

I have a call into my atty to see what he thinks.

Will let you know!




16 thoughts on “Are You Kidding Me?

  1. Ughhh, seems like you can’t catch a break. I hear calls into Dave Ramsey and always feel badly for the people when they get cc companies to write off part of their debt, but then they have to pay taxes on it because it’s treated like income. I hope you don’t have an extra burden to deal with, Debt Girl.

  2. Debtgirl,
    Do you every go on to 13Network to follow your case? It shows who you owe, how much they get paid each month, acct balances etc. I know some people say not to worry, or follow yourcase,
    but honestly I know every aspect of my case and there are no schocks/surprises. No matter what anyone says it’s your case, your money, your future. Knowing is far better than not knowing. Plus in your case, you would know whether your trustee paid your Heloc or not (you wouldn’t have to phone your lawyer). I’m stating to think there’s some people in the BK room (1 allegedly an expert) who like to scare the heck out of people. The best defense is knowledge.

    • Lol! I hear ya! There is power in knowledge for sure! I have an account and I think I will log in and check it out. I have before but it was confusing. Maybe I will ask you when I get stuck. This weekend is all about budget and finance it would be a good time to check it out again.

      It’s getting closer now. 24 months to go!!!! How far off are you?

      Yes I got very scared when I learned that I might have to pay taxes, but not the case in a lien strip! Thankfully😛

      • Hi.there are a number of screens…if you’re confjused ask me…
        i love it..i check it every month after payments made. It shows how many months left, amount paid, amount owing, etc.
        It could be one of your new friends 🙂
        I will be at 15 after the October payment. (Why? because when I looked at that system i found by paying one extra reduced amount just once, i will kock the outstanding payments down from 16 to 15 .

      • @sophieanne, that is fantastic!!! I actually paid an extra payment right at the beginning when I switched to autopay! Maybe I have less payments too!!!! You are so lucky girl, almost there!!!!

        Is there a cost for ndc? Or is that the free one?

  3. debtgirl,
    This is not NDC, this is 13Network which is a really cool tool that your trustee’s office probably uses.
    Neither National Data Center or 13Network charge a fee.
    You should search 13Network online and see if your trustee is part of the network.
    Way better than NDC and much more information.

  4. debtgirl,

    Totally different subject…i work at a University here in beautiful Washington state. I was just talking to my friend the athletics director about your daughter (to the best of my ability). He is the athletics director nad women’s golf coach. I’ld like to share some info with you.

  5. I will write you when i get home afterwork. Another potential option for you. I was excited by what he had to say..but of coure it has to be of interest to you daughter. (I’ll just tell you it involves university, golf scholarship, golf team and getting a degree)..just to keep you on the edge of your chair 🙂

  6. I’m so glad it was a false alarm. When we did our chapter 7, somehow our second wasn’t discharged( probably attorney incompetence), so we have a small second I’m paying aggressively on. But still wish it wasn’t there.!!

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