Hello! Do you remember back in January when I looked into flooring because the 13 year old carpet, especially the one in my bedroom where the cat box is, is completely shot?

Well, it was shot then, but if you can believe it, it is even more shot now just having survived a cat with a UTI.

I called the couple that gave me an estimate in January to see if it was still good.  She came yesterday and brought out samples and she honored the original quote, even though the price of materials has gone up.

Now this is the hard part.  I decided to borrow yet more money from my kids car fund to get this done.  I know!  I asked my kid if it was okay and she told me since she was not using it, it is fine.  She knows how bad these carpets need to be replaced now.  There is no way to cover up or clean them anymore, they are just done.

I just cannot keep putting this off, even for just a few months.  There is no way.  Nobody should have to work as hard as I do and then come home and sleep in a cat box.  Its not right.  I have had it.

Here is the sample.  It is close in color to what is in the living room, but not the same quality and the manufacturer is different.


It will have to do.


The price is right.  Two bedrooms laminated for $1500.00.  When I had Empire come out to give me an estimate, they wanted $3300.00.  My daughters dad said that $1500.00 is a steal!  He even called some of his old flooring buddies and could not get a deal like that for me.

The only thing (besides the money) that I am concerned about is the fact that the flooring is a little wavy.  Its not a flat surface.  I am not sure how well that will clean up.  I got the feeling that they are giving me such a good deal because it is a hard to sell sample.  I don’t think this is what I agreed on in January either.  Sometimes you just take it.

People say that laminate doesn’t last long, but I have had it in the living area and have cleaned up all kinds of cat stuff and it just wipes right up, so I hope that if I can get to any mess in time, it will be okay.  Not only that, I can always just have them come back out and repair any areas before I move to Oregon in 6.5 years, in 2022.  But whose counting?  ME!  Every.single.day!  I will ask them to leave me some pieces.

Something had to be done to these floors. I was almost thinking of painting the subflooring!  Have you seen that online?  Go look here!  It looks awesome!  But too much work for me.  If I were retired and this was a house, I might try it.  I am so impressed with how it turns out!

Today is going to be a busy day.  I have to move everything out to the living area from the bedrooms.  I got some huge trash bags and we are gonna load them up.  It will be a mess for the next two or three days but afterwards I will be able to breath!

I will continue to have the cat box in my room and I will still have vinyl flooring under it to help protect that area and just hopefully, my cats won’t get any  more UTI’s.  I would love to move the cat box outside.  I have a doggy door and maybe I can find something to put out there like a catwalk or something enclosed.  I will look into that in the future.

I will be a complete stress ball for the next two days because my kitty Misty is a scared cat and she will not have any place to hide while they are doing the work.  I plan to take make some hiding space for her in the dining area.  I hope she can find it and feel safe there.  So stressful having animals to worry about.  I

That is what I am up too.  I will update you soon!  Wish me luck!



9 thoughts on “Flooring…Finally

  1. Great news that you are getting the flooring done. It’s a quality of life issue, and home improvements are always money well spent.

    Can the litter box go in the bathroom? I have an insert for my patio slider that has a cat flap in it. Don’t know if that would be an option for you. It was a little pricey ($350), but has held up well. It saves me from playing cat butler for my indoor/outdoor cats. Do you have a carrier for your cats when they go to the vet? My cat loves to nap in that thing – I remove the door. That might be a hideaway for your kitty to avoid the noise and strange people.

    • KimC, thank you for the support! ItUS A QUALITY IF LIFE ISSUE! That us the best way to put it! I couldnt quite put my finger on it but that is it!

      I dont know anybody who would deal with that as long as I have!

      I am going to go get the cat carrier and bring that up! Great idea!

      I will show you pics soon about the patio / cat idea!

      We got most things moved, later my girl friend coming to help move heavy stuff!


  2. I agree. It’s a quality of life issue. I have a super sensitive nose and I hate the smell of cat boxes. Ours is out on a sun porch and the kitties go out there. In the winter we bring it in for the night and then back out it goes.
    You’re going to be so happy with no smell. ( well, until they go!!)

  3. Your floors are going to look awesome.
    On another note, since I was unable to succesffuly get an email to you. Never got any return back but not response from you, so in a nutshell, what I wanted to tell you….

    I work at a small private university in wa state. I work with the athletics manager and decided to take a chance and ask him about your daughter and golf. I was just reading about how the golf team had just returned from their yearly tournament in Hawaii ..awww!!! Anyhow I asked how he gets players for his team. He says he usually recruits from wa state but for the right person he would recruit someone from CA, which he recently did. He said as long as the person shows an interest for being at our school,
    has decent grades and wants to take one of our programs and has good golf stats he would be very interested in recruiting them. I told him I had a friend in CA (that would be you) with a daughter playing on the school golf team and how she recently won the award you talked about a couple blogs back. He sad he could be interested and when she likes she could send an email to him and he would tell her what info he needs and would proceed if things looked good. Just wanted to share that with you because I thought ut was exciting and showed a potential possibility. Plus he said his players are all given scholarsihips for school..
    I had visions of you moving to Oregon and your daughter going to school right across the state line.Just a positive thing to share with you. I imagine she could be recruited by a number of schools.

  4. Guess what???? I put the cat box in a closet last night out in the hall where the carpet shampooer and vacuum were, and they used it!!! I thought i would try it! I hope the continue to go there! Our of my sleeping quarters!

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