I am in the middle of chaos, I am sure you all get that as I know that we are all have to maintain our spaces.


(Look at Gracie before I moved out the dresser)!

It’s actually worst chaos now because they are here and its noisy.

My cats are doing okay, I think. The funny thing is that I know where Misty is, but I can’t find Gracie.  Misty is the one I worried about getting out of the condo because if she bolts, she is gone.  She can’t be touched and there would be no way to catch her.  Gracie, on the other hand,  if she gets out  would be okay because being the princess that she is, she would beg for help.


As you can see by the above picture, I may have dealt with stinky pew in my room but my kid dealt with that doorway and other stains.  It actually looks worse in the pic than it is, but it was bad. No denying it.   13 year old cheap carpet.  It’s past time.

Today when we woke up there was this wonderful weather.  I had to get up early to take my kid to her babysitting job.  What a great kid I have!


It is great weather!  I feared that the rain might keep away the flooring guys but they are here.

I was also worried that since the price was pretty cheap by SoCal standards that the quality was going to be poor.  I did some research and it is 12mm laminate which, while not the best, is pretty darn good.

Here is another plus by using Jose.  Number one his son, David is here and he is a Jr. in high school and plays football and is  a great kid.  He is really learning a great skill from his dad and he is also just a really decent kid and I totally want to support that, so I like them.  Number two, Jose does more than flooring and is reasonable.  So when and if I can ever get the money together to do a few other things before I sell, he is my Handyman!

Feeling pretty darn positive at the moment.  The cats seem to be safe, the flooring is going in and might be ALL DONE today instead of heading into tomorrow.  And it rained.  I love the rain, we need the rain.

On another note, I put the cat box in the hall closet last night.  They (at least one of them) used it last night and so maybe I  can transition that mess to that area.   I will just play it by ear and keep the door open always for them and see how it goes.  I will keep  it really clean, like extra, extra clean for them to ensure they use it and no more UTIs!  If it goes well, maybe I will have a cat door put in for easy access.  Hey, that can be Jose’s next job!

I can’t wait to show you pics of the rooms tomorrow!

Thank you for all your support!  Really, I love my virtual friends!



4 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. I’m glad your getting the carpet changed. Quality of life is important. That is wonderful idea. You should get an estimate for the cat door today before he leaves.

    • Thank you Laura! I cannot believe how fast they got this going! One room almost done already! They got here 8:30 and its 11:00, insanely fast.

      Which means I can get it back together sooner and then plop! This is exhausting!

      Yep, gotta get that quote TODAY!

  2. Ohhh … so excited about seeing the end result! We had laminate installed in our house before we moved in. The carpet was basically new, but we hate carpet and it had to go. I know you’ll enjoy this change and will figure out something to pay back DD’s savings.

  3. It will be worth the chaos. Great time to declutter as well. Out with the old, in with the new. I think it’s awesome they’ll work on Sunday. I have trouble getting home things scheduled around a work schedule. My next project is to get a Red Maple planted and my yard regraded to promote better drainage.

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