New Floor – Done

Well, its done and so am I! Exhausted, sore, flat broke but so happy!

They did a great job and got it all done in one day!

At the end of the day my patio had a pile if carpet, tacks, padding and just all kinds of debris they were planning on leaving there! I was like… Ah hem what about that? He informed me it would be $85.00 to haul!

Ah no! I insisted he and his son help me haul it to my trash! Do you know how heavy carpet is? Omg!

When that was settled I wrote him the check and got to work.

I had to sweep up the patio, mop and sweep rooms and move furniture back. Did I mention that I was practically paralyzed today? Even my hands are killing me! I am so out of shape!

But here is the well worth the effort result!






Can you see where the cat box was? Now it is here!!!!!!!!!!! Its so great!


They are using it!! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to go to sleep and be able to breath! I am so sorry this took so long but remember, I am in a BK and cash is hard to come by! I still have to pay my kid back!

Speaking of my kid! She loves her room!



As you can see we both have lots of work to do.

Oh heres my closet too:


Its so nice to have this clean space back! Its been years!



How about a desk? Lol not just yet, I think I will just enjoy the space and clean air for a bit! Also take some time to pay back pay girl!

What do you think?

Off to rub in Bengay! Whew that was really hard work!



14 thoughts on “New Floor – Done

  1. Looks awesome. That big bedroom window is just screaming cat bed perch;). Have you ever tried Feline Pine. I find it much less offensive than the clay litter and you just flush the poo.

    • Hi Kim! I usually use The Greatest Cat Litter in the World, thats the name of it. I got short on cash and what is in the box now is Tidy Cat. I will look for that brand.

      I put that bench there so they can get up on the sill, they love it.


  2. It looks so good!! Doesn’t the consistent flooring makes the home and rooms feel larger? How fabulous for you! Enjoy them for the next six years! Many blessings, Stephanie

    • Thank you Stephanie! It might help the next six years go by more easily. I was thinking I should probably sell in five years and buy a place in Oregon while I am still working. That’s a bridge to cross the closer I get to retirement. But it’s a good thought, makes it seem even closer. Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! Xoxo

      No matter what 6.5 years until 2022! Are we there yet?

    • I thanks TahoeGirl! Hope you are feeling well today! I will look for that litter too! Right now keeping costs as low as possible! Yikes! In the hole again! Xoxo

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