Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

Hi there. Time for a cheap dinner recipe.  You know I am not a great cook, but I do love to share a good and very inexpensive recipe now and again.

This chicken was gifted to me and I have more in the freezer.  How good is that?  What a deal.

I needed a recipe and even though its hot here and I haven’t had my oven on in months, I had to do it. This is the perfect recipe.


Here’s a link to the original recipe.  Its really good. This is all you need:


Just cut up the potatoes, I used 4.  I also threw some gloves of garlic on the pan to roast.  Living on the edge!


Then put your chicken on a pan and add all the ingredients per recipe.  Insert big chunks of garlic under the skin.  The only thing I would do different than the recipe is butter up the chicken before anything else.


My girlfriend gave me these chicken leg quarters.  A whole bag.  She got them for .79 cents a pound.  I am going to find out where.  So meaty and big.

Everything cooks together but the potatoes got done first.


Then the chicken came out shortly thereafter at 180 temperature inside per thermometer.



This made a wonderful, delicious dinner and I have plenty for lunch and possibly another meal!

Try this if you have cheap cuts of chicken! Or even if you have expensive cuts.  Winking smile  You won’t be sorry!

I cannot believe I actually turned on my oven. Heat and all!  But it was worth it.

Keeping it frugal!



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