My New Fav Snack

I have to tell you that October seems to be flying and even though the longer I am in this BK the shorter I have to go, I should be less stressed!

But it is just the opposite! I seem to be more stressed and worried that it won’t work out!

I keep waiting for that huge disaster to strike!

Its a terrible way to live! I would not wish it on anybody! Well, maybe my boss! But thats the only one!

So I am trying to counteract the stress on my body by eating anti inflammatory foods.

Walnuts are huge! So my new snack is walnuts and peeled granny smith apples!

To die for!


A great combo! If you are able to tolerate the peelings, leave them on!

I feel better already! 😉



4 thoughts on “My New Fav Snack

  1. Debtgirl,

    Your note on the other site…is that a possibility question or you just looking at all potentail angles?

    Your friend…

    • Hi Soph! Well the problem is that my boss is the most dangerous passive aggressive freak of nature I have ever met and he will and has done damage to me to keep himself safe. One never knows in their jobs if they are safe or not but working like this makes it worse! I just don’t know.

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