Not Welcome Here!

Negative thoughts be gone!


You know it and I know it! We all know the power of thoughts.

I always tell my kid “whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right!”

So negative thoughts be gone!

Today I started thinking about the rat race and how over it I am. If I were a healthy woman this probably wouldn’t even cross my mind! But I am not healthy and I am tired and pretty much beat up at work. So I am done.

I think I can get out sooner than 2022. Once the BK is over and I can sell my condo, that just might be it. Or maybe not. But at least I will have options and that is a good thing! Two more years!

I was thinking if I move to Oregon and get a job at the University I can get my kid in college there. Free maybe.

Who knows? But what I do know for sure is that I got this.

It will all work out and someday my ship will come in!

Debt (positive vibe) Girl


4 thoughts on “Not Welcome Here!

    • Hi One! I will post and show you the difference each year that I stay in my retirement income. The longer I stay the more I get, but I can try to get by until 62 an social security. Its such a numbers game! Xoxo

  1. I’m pretty much in the same position. I will be so much better of if I can stay till 62 but 61 is possible. I am tired of the rat race too, although I can’t say bad things about my job/employer – I am just tired of the long commute and not having time for myself. But having just turned 57 (the age when early retirement is possible for me), psychologically it is a good feeling, even though I can’t afford it yet. Just knowing I could sell up and go and live in a tent somewhere with a small income makes things seem so much more positive. That being said, my son and his gf are moving out next month so I am hoping that the total freedom of not having to think about anyone but myself will allow me to take time for myself a bit more. Not that I have minded having them with me these last 3 years, but I want to see how that “total freedom” feels and if it makes a difference to how I feel about what age I want to retire at. Oh well, we shall see. And you know what, I’m sure many people the world over would like to have our “first world” problems. Chin up. Anna

    • Oh Anna, we are completely of the same mind set and you are right that our problems are small compared to most without any retirement.

      I almost felt guilty posting about it because of that reason! 😦 it would be great if everyone got a little somerhing more than SS.

      I cant wait to get to where you are now! I think when the BK is over and I am 57 I will feel just like you!

      So really if I can make my health hold out until then for work it will be such a good space to be!

      I know lots of people can relate to us though! Thank you for your comment.

      Xoxo (big hugs)

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