2 % @ 55

Hi there. I mentioned that I would share with you why I think staying until 2022, age 62.

First of all, immediate social security bennies and a larger pension monthly payment.

If I stay until 62 i would get 52.05 % of my salary.




If I leave at 58 its 38.81. If I leave at 59 its 41.99%. And so on.

But I think it might be worth me getting out early if it gets too stressful.

Also in 2018 I can sell my condo and buy cheaper in Oregon, get a little job to tie me over until I draw SS!

That plans got my attention!

Hope you are having a good day, I feel a flare coming on so I am a little scared! 😦 Woe is me!



6 thoughts on “2 % @ 55

  1. well the pension definitely is a big part of your decision! That is a nice pension and not very common for people to have in retirement these days. When does your boss retire? LOL before you so you can stick it out until the end?

    • Lol!! Yes he is “saying” 4 years but I think sooner! I will take it one day at a time, its mostly health now!

      That and get thru the BK.

      Yes there is not much positive about my job but the fact that I am probably one of the last americans to get that type of pension. Thank God!

  2. Will you be able to draw on your SS with your pension? I have enough quarters for SS and get the yearly statement, but I think with teacher retirement I won’t get SS. Hope your health is good, the boss retires tomorrow, and you can make it to 62 at your job.

    • Hi Kimc! Yes you can! You can get both! The catch is that you will have to pay income tax on the SS. If you have another income like a pension, they have a formula.

      Some gov jobs dont take out SS so you need to look at that.

      Go t SS web site put in your number and it will tell you how much u are going to recieve.

      Let us know what u find out!!! Good luck and thanks for positive vibes!


  3. That pension is nice! Sure, it’s half your salary, but you’ll also have lower costs and less stress.

    You can also do temp work from 62 onwards and just take jobs here and there to give you some pocket money. I know a lot of people who do that.

    • It is good plan. I am thinking age 60 now. By then this 13 will be behind me And off credit report, kid will be in college and I should be in the best place of my life, health willing!

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