This and That

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend and it was everything you needed it to be!

First of all I have to share this:


Thats Misty. You don’t see her often because, well… She’s strange! Last night she crawled up with me to hang out and when I looked at her, she had forgot to put her tongue back in! So funny!

In other news… I went to go through some custumes at my friends house for a party I have been invited to:

It was like being in a party store!






She even has one for her dog!



My daughter had her Homecoming dance on Saturday, she looked amazing. This is where it is so hard that I cannot share all my pics.

Back to work today! I am on a mission to try to enjoy my job because I truly feel like I am missing so much by hating almost every aspect of my life! 🙂

Its a process!



2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Debtgirl…i’m so proud of your attitude change!!!!!!!! You are right…life is too short to be angry/unhappy. Make the bes tof everything..lthat’s my new attitude.

    Lucky you going to a Halloween party.

    • Hi there! This is such a cool party too. It’s gonna be catered and have a bartender! The best part is it starts at 5:30 so I can be home super early! I will show you pics of my options this week sometime. I am trying so hard to change my perspective as its really been in the toilet since my promotion fell thru and boss really disappointed me big time!

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