Not So Lucky

I don’t even know where to start!

I woke up a little late, so yeah, a little frazzled.

Went pee, flushed then it all went downhill from there.

The water started to overflow, it kept coming, I frantically tried to turn it off, it kept coming, I called for help, it kept coming and overflowed onto the floor.

A plunger and a bunch of expletives later, I got it all dried up and my kid mopped with disinfectant.

At this point (and oh by the way) cleaned up another hairball in the middle of the night, I just knew work was out of the question.

You see, when I left work last night, my car died at a stop. I knew then that I had to get it to the shop, I thought I could make it to Friday.

I decided to take the day to take care of all this crap!

So here is how the shop went! “Lady, you got problems”!

Engine mount
Transmission mount
Fuel injection/filter
Oil change

And more to the tune of approx $1000.00!


I called my old mechanic who is so trustworthy, and he told me to STOP! DO NOT PAY FOR ALL THAT!

So I am getting the alternator and oil change only. About $500.00 done today at that place.

My old mechanic said don’t worry about the mounts until I can afford it (never), but he said he would look at it later to ease my mind after I pick it up.

I will try to get them done next check!

The only reason I stopped going to my old mechanic is he said he just wanted to work on hotrods exclusively,

But he said he would help me

So…not so lucky after all but grateful I called my old guy!

Can you believe it?

What a day! Calgon!!!!! I still haven’t had my hair done either!



4 thoughts on “Not So Lucky

  1. Ughh, not a fun day. Do you know where the toilet water shut off is and the water shut off for the whole condo? Hopefully the water and car issues are over for you.

    • Hi Kimc, This morn I was not awake but I tried to turn the water off behind the toilet, just not fast enough and I was totally still asleep!

      Ok you are not going to believe how the shop tried to gouge me! I got out of there at 522.00!

      I went straight to my old mechanic and wow, he showed me some stuff! Will share tomorrow!

      That guy tried to get me to pay for his next vacation!!!!!

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