Rip Off Artists

Ok so the Owner at Accurate told me I needed to get 1000.00 worth of repair to my car yesterday!

Also more than that if I fell for it! He also told me I need spark plugs! To which I told him that they were replaced the last time I was there!!!

That got my dander up right there!

I called Earnie, my old mechanic and he said just get the alternator and oil changed then bring it by.

Listen to this! I am all about prospering and doing well, but this is a hoot!

My bff picked me up from the shop and took me home but the wife of the mechanic picked me up from home and took me back to the shop!

She was dripping in $$$!




It was redic! If you are going to prosper, don’t rip people off!!!

When I got back to the shop, the owner was pretty proud of the price tag and continued to tell me all the ways I am in danger if I don’t do his recommendations!

He recommended all kinds of flushes! Later Earnie told me those are a rip!

I drove the car to Earnie! He laughed! He said to do the mounts when you can! Forget the rest!

He also showed me what a fuel injection service is by pouring a bottle of something at no charge in my gas tank. Accurate wanted 115.00 for that!!!

He showed me where the throttle thingy is and how easy that is to clean.

I made sure Earnie checked the oil to confirm it was really changed!!

Wow! Always go with your gut! I knew this guy was gouging me! I think wifey needs a new Lexus!




9 thoughts on “Rip Off Artists

  1. Glad you were smart about the repairs. Yay for the honest mechanics in the world. May karma give a big kick to the rest. Happy almost TGIF!

    • I am so glad it is my Friday! It’s been a long one for sure!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!! Must say my car hasn’t ran this good in a long, long time!!!!

    • Good morning Practical. I stopped by your blog, I love it and will visit again. I agree! I could almost hear this guy use a Snidely Whiplash cackle at me when he told me everything I “needed”! Scary stuff!

  2. How unfortunate people have to use scare tactics to try and make people pay money for things they don’t need. I’m glad you don’t fall for their tricks. WA state is getting a big rain event on Friday so I would love to just curl up in bed all day but no have to go to work. Are you all set for the
    Halloween party??? Have a great weekend.

    • I hope we get some of that rain down here! The Halloween party is tonight, early though, 5:30 just like I like it. I can be home and cuddled up with my iPad around 9:00! Have a great weekend! Boo!

  3. Sorry to here about the problems with your car – any chance you can trade it in for a newer one or ask around saying you want a newer used one? I find cars just have one thing after another and eventually they repairs become pricier than buying a new used one. I know it’s an awful dilemma. We have 4 drivers in the family (2 parents 2 teens and yeah our insurance is crazy) and used to have 2 cars then one died, and the other was on its last legs. Traded in the other car for a new Micra which is a tiny car here in Canada but dirt cheap and totally basic (wind up windows no ac etc) but it is nice to have no worries for now on repairs however I know I will have to set aside funds since with 4 drivers and only one car we are racking up the miles and eventually we will have to fork out money to keep it in good shape.

    • Hi There Kiki! I think thats great to buy a “basic” car. I actually thought about buying me a Vespa and giving my car to my kid, but she won’t have it. She is working towards a car, summer job money and babysitting. Anyway… I think it would be too hard because of the BK to do a trade in. I am not sure but it might cause some kind of a modification of the paperwork and I think it would be a hassle. If I can just make this car last a few more years. It actually only has 93K on it.

      Note to people considering BK. Get a brand new car! My lawyer told me to do that at the beginning of the BK before I filed and I did not want to. I wish I had now. It is common for most people to do that. I just thought it sounded shady. Its common practice because you make the payment. Wish I wuld have listened to my Atty!

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