Seating For Three!

Happy Halloween! I hope you are off to a good start on your weekend~!!

It’s been pretty crazy, busy here.  We had the Hallloween pot luck at work and I took a Queso Dip with ground beef.  It’s so easy to make and everyone likes it.  Funny thing is I have never bought Velveeta before and I had to ask where it is in the store.  It’s not stored with the real cheese, its on a shelf.  Scary right!?  Three ingredients. If you have a “thing” – take that!  It’s just Velveeta, Ground Beef and salsa or Rotel.  I used my favorite salsa.  I did not decorate my office this year.  I just could not get into it.

In other news… Remember when I threw out my old furniture and replaced it with this couch?


Which we love by the way. What’s not to love… $130.00!  As a matter of fact, my BFF wants to trade me her $600.00 couch for it! Nope!  I like it!

Well, there is something missing.  We miss having another chair. When there are 3 or more people here, its kind of weird to all line up on the couch.


(Forgive the mess!)

Well, as if I am not broke enough.  Yesterday I decided since it was my Friday off to go remedy the sitting issue.  I went to a couple of Goodwill stores with no luck and finally I went back to the Salvation Army where I got the couch and they are having a 50% off everything sale this weekend.

Hello!  Junk store prices, half off?  Count me in.

I found this chair!


As you can see I’m still using the same purse I’ve been using for years!  I love this purse!  I told you when I started this BK that I would not buy a new purse and I haven’t. And I won’t.  And I might not for years to come BK or no BK!  Winking smile

This chair is good enough. Its not perfect, but it is in great condition and for $42.00 you can’t beat it!


At least it has fall colors and that seems to be a trend here!


I know that I don’t have any money right now, the car thing threw me over the edge, but this is a deal that I could not pass up.

I have only one more thing to spend money on this weekend and that is an online class for my kid to take her permit training.  There are some really cheap ones, $25.00 (I think)!  It was a trade off, Golf or that today. She chose the permit thing and her dad can take her golfing tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to a Halloween party and yes, I have found the perfect costume.  I will show you next post.

Have a great day and stay safe with all the Ghosts and Goblins that are out there tonight!



7 thoughts on “Seating For Three!

  1. I love the color of the chair. It goes really well with the rest of the room. Hey, sometimes that little extra thing you get and can’t really afford makes life better. 😀

  2. Glad you got a chair. With my next chair and couch I think I’m going to have the chair be a recliner. Hope I can find a recliner that doesn’t actually look like a recliner. Happy Halloween. I agree, the best parties are at happy hour time.

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