Halloween 2015

Good morning! Last night was so much fun.  I was invited to the party of the year in a neighborhood where Halloween is a bigger deal than any other holiday!  It was so much fun.  I used to take my kid to this neighborhood when she was little so it was so much fun to see it from the “other side” if you know what I mean.

I’m just gonna bombard you with pictures now.  Your welcome!  Winking smile

The little girl (animated doll) on that swing hums a really eerie tune.


They had a ghoulish baby daycare!


This baby lies down and pops up and scares unsuspecting Trick or Treaters!


The inside of the house was all decked out too.


And the food! To die for.




My Favorite:


They buy 75 pounds of candy!


This is early in the evening.  You should see the chaos later. Thousands of people! Literally.  They hired that woman to hand out candy.   Me and another guest could not resist so we found ourselves out there handing out candy most of the time.



I took advantage of the bartender and had a couple of white wine spritzers.  Its an old favorite that I have just started having again.  Love!  Tip:  It stretches a bottle of wine.  Just have a half to a full cup of wine in a tall glass of ice.  Add the Perrier or soda water and a lemon twist.     So refreshing!


Droves of kids.  Did that kid just photo bomb me?


Winking smile



The city put in this street sign to keep the kids “SAVE”.  Okay!


Save!  Be Save out there!  LOL


I was a bunny!  It was really cute!   Babyish, but cute!


I hope you had a wonderful Halloween.  I am so grateful that I felt well enough to actually participate AND have something fun to do.

Today I woke up, made my kid pumpkin pancakes and I had some pumpkin spice coffee.  It’s all about Fall!

Have you tried the Pumpkin Spice coffee from Trader Joes?  I mix it with my low acid coffee to give it a little somethin, somethin.  Try to mix it with your fave coffee because it is a bit strong if you drink it straight.

Have a happy rest of your weekend and I hope you had a wonderful, memorable Halloween!



8 thoughts on “Halloween 2015

  1. Wow, that is really amazing. I like Halloween and I do decorate my house but it is not a French celebration – which is fine by me. However, since I always decorate I do get the occasional knock on the door. Last night, however, OH came over (I don’t see him that often, which is fine by me as I enjoy his company when he is here), so I had all the Halloween stuff out, my outfit on etc. BUUUUUUTTTT it was the rugby world cup final and OH and I are big rugby fans. I thought I hope no-one comes over and sure enough I just got one knock at the door (and a young girl who ended up walking away with most of my candy) and I got to watch the world cup. Happy days. Anna

  2. Wow!!!! That looks like it was the most incredible party. Only 1 question….how does one get an invitation to it??? 🙂
    Happy November!

    • Happy November! Actually my daughter is ‘dating’ their son! They are the sweetest people, and their boy is as sweet as my daughter. They both golf and are both really quality kids! It’s a teenager thing. Xoxo

  3. Wow! Halloween out there looks amazing! It use to be one of our favorite holidays. Unfortunately it just isn’t what it use to be when we were younger. We took the boys around town, I swear we walked two miles, and my kid got maybe 10 pieces of candy. Barely anyone participates. And usually you get more bibles and religious fliers about Halloween being “satanic” than you do sweet treats anyway. Halloween in the south sucks. lol.

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