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Hi there! Did you get enough candy over the weekend? I really didn’t eat any but I did buy some Gluten Free cookies. I thought I better have something because its crazy candy and food time from now until after the new year! I will try to be good. Last thing need is to develop diabetes or some other chronic illness! I have enough, thank you Universe!

I have a plan! I need to get into good health now! Before I retire! I want to enjoy what time I have after I retire, when I move to my forever home! I don’t want to be decrepit!

There is a community center on my way home from work that I used to go to many moons ago, way back in my 40s, when I was bursting, well not really bursting, with energy! But at least I had energy and I felt healthy.

I printed out the class schedule to see if there was anything that interests me.


Saturday morning I went to the yoga class! I loved it! A little stiff yesterday but I took it easy.


They have a zumba class:


And they have step classes I can get to on Tues and Thurs after work!

My kid gets picked up by her dad and then can let herself in on those days.

All that for 40.00 a month, no contract, no money down.

I am starting the step tomorrow night, its been so long since I have been.

I used to be a runner, aerobics, and workout junkie in my 20 30 and 40s. I think it will be good to get back into it – gently.

My waist is practically gone and I am not ready for a heart attack just yet!

How about you, do you go to a gym, walk or workout at home?

I walk but its not enough! Working out at home hasn’t worked for me.

This is for me!



4 thoughts on “Health & Fitness

  1. I have been pretty diligent on improving my health this year, especially the last 5 or 6 months. We rejoined our local gym at the end of May, and I started sessions with a personal trainer July, then committed to it in August. While weight loss has been up and down, I definitely feel better and know my diabetes numbers have improved pretty dramatically. My reasons are the same as yours – I don’t want to be some doddering old woman sitting on the sidelines when retirement comes. It’s not easy, but I think it is worthwhile. Good for you in finding an affordable option and starting to use it!

    • Janelle, you are an inspiration and totolly committed! I might not comment always but I try o keep up when I can and just reading about the time u wake up to work out makes me tired! Good for you!!! I know I wont go at it as much as you, but I just want to keep up!

      Maybe someday I will feel well enough but now just these classes a few time a week – as well as my walk at break is a pretty good start!

      Oh yes and cost! I so cannot afford any of it! I am still insanely broke.

      I am all set for food for the next couple of weeks and just hope I can make it to payday!!!

      🙂 I am crazy! But feeling well enough to want to try it at all makes me excited enough to throw caution to the wind! 🙂


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