Hello! I lived! I made it thru Tuesday night step class! Yes I am sore even though I stayed as low as I could!


I really enjoyed being back in a fitness class!



I don’t think I slowed them down. I just worked at my own pace and worked up quite a sweat! Love.

Best part was the cool down!


I just took a couple of Tylenol and want to go back tonight. I hope It wont cause me to not be able to walk this weekend! I might even stay lower then Tuesday!

I am looking forward to yoga on Saturday, thats my main fear of going over tonight!

Crossing fingers I am making the right decision!

Hope you are well!



3 thoughts on “Alive

  1. DG, go tonight! Just do it as best you can and if it’s not everything, that’s okay, that’s where you are today, and it will look and feel differently tomorrow. So proud of you for going! Trust me, I know precisely how hard it is at first. Forget baby steps – I’ve been at this a few months now and it feels like I am just learning how to roll over on the infant development scale of fitness.

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