Good morning.  It’s a day off! It’s a DAY OFF!  I live for my days off.  I just can’t help it.  I know that some people keep going after work and on their weekends but this girl lives for 5:00!

I made it through both step classes this week and today I plan to take my kid to a yoga class.  I am excited.  I like to take her to these kinds of things.  I hope to instill some positive actions and memories.

For now though…


I have my coffee, gonna hang out with my cats, listen to the crows and catch up here.  Just where I like to be in the morning.

The step classes.  I kept them really low.  My legs were stiff after Tuesday and so on Thursday I debated whether or not to go.  I went and I just kept it really low.  I earned a sweat, but kept in mind that I wanted to be able to walk this weekend.

That is where life experience comes in handy these days.  There were times I would go all out and then not be able to walk or move for a week!  There were times when I would have that extra glass of wine and not be able to get off the couch for hours the next day.

I love the fact that now I know about moderation and I practice it.  Okay, disclosure.  I need to practice moderation in my diet more. Note to self.  Ah hem… moderation at dinnertime

Today after class there is a Lavender Festival, (free) not far from the community center.  I thought we might pop by there as I have a friend with a booth.  After that, (if we go) my kid needs to come home and get her homework done and go online and practice for her drivers permit.  I have a ton of laundry to do as well.

Oh I have good news.  I am so broke.  Okay, that is not good news.  But as you know my car repair and other things have really put me in a pinch.  I have to pay my kid back for the floors.  I just have to do that and make my bills.  Its hard!  (I have a plan to help her buy a car, but that is another post.)  Oh … the good news is that I found $350.00 that the State owed me and I got it back yesterday.  I plan to put that back in my kids saving account today.

Isn’t that great news?  Go to your state controllers office and see if there is anything in there for you!  I was pleasantly surprised.

On that note, Namaste!  Have a wonderful Saturday!



4 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. well $350 you weren’t expecting is nothing to sneeze at! That is awesome. The weather here is too rainy to do anything outdoors, so guess it will be a quiet day in the house, after I go grocery shopping. It’s looking like a Hallmark channel Christmas shows kinda day 😉

    • I know right. I was so happy. I have got to get my kid paid back for the money I borrowed and it seems like the universe is against me.
      I did a couch thing too yesterday. I was nice out but when we got back from yoga I turned on Public TV and they had such great stuff on. I got sucked in. Today, no TV! Lots of work to do! Hallmark channel sucks me in every year. Hard to believe its that time again! xoxo

  2. SO proud of you for going to the second step class! It is so hard at first, and while I would never say it gets easier, it does become a bit of a habit and you just accept it is part of your life now and try to go forth and get better at it. Or so I tell myself every day when I go to the gym. I’m typically fine once I get there, but the getting there is another story.

    • I was so nervous about going! I really wanted to, but afraid of the damage I would do. I am fine! Feels so good to be doing other things, like using weights now again. My upper arms are starting to look like BINGO arms! Its such a win win. Thanks for the vote of confidence.!! xoxo

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