Cooking Sucks!

How things can change from one year (or month or week or day or hour) to the next. Last year at this time I was in a full blown flare.  Life was about as difficult as it can get with illness, a full time job and the stress of financial ruin. 😉

This year, its not easy!  I am still in financial ruin, debtors prison!  Winking smile  (What a way to put it huh?)

But at least I am feeling better. Heck, I started going to Step and a Yoga class, with people, for an hour!  I never thought that would be possible again.  When I go down, I go down hard and the only thing I can do then is get up and get to work every day and take care of my kid.  Now I am actually thinking about me.


When you are a kid and people tell you that your health is the most important thing because without it you won’t have much, I don’t think we really listen, because when you are a kid, you are invincible!   I am not saying that you can avoid some things, but you can make your body less able to cope later.  If you are in your 20s/30s and reading this, please stop doing the things that you know are bad for you.  Okay, that just happened!  Sorry.    Moving on…

Today my kid is golfing with her dad. Next weekend she has a tourney out of town.  We were going to spend the night there as it is a couple hours away, but that is just a crazy waste of money that I don’t have, so we will drive. My car will make it, broken motor mounts and all, my mechanic assured me.

Today I will do things that I didn’t get to yesterday.  Putzing and cleaning and food crap.  Gah!

I’m having a food dilemma again!  For those of you that are married and have someone to cook for your or take you out, you are so lucky.  I just get in these ruts and nothing I cook tastes good, my kid always hates dinner, I seem to be eating too much rice and not enough salad because of my health issue.  It is so hard.

Today instead of trying to figure out what to make for dinner and lunch I think I am going to buy some Amy’s frozen lunches and just wing dinners next week.  I am so sick of food!  Just having to deal with it is another problem for me. Not because I am lazy but because my issues with food make it hard to eat, then on top of that the food budget.  GAH!  I was thinking about doing a “Sunday cooking for the week” thing so I only have to think about it one time but really?  A whole day of cooking for 2 people?  No!  No! and NO!

I made a casserole on Friday after work with some crockpot chicken and rice.  OMG… I mixed everything together and it looked awful.  Just awful.  Huge fail.  I sprinkled it with paprika, trying to make it better, and put it in the fridge.  I just kept thinking how gross it looked.  I ended up taking it out of the fridge and dumping it down the drain.  Talk about disgusting!  Huge frugal fail!

How do these people with blogs and shows make it look so pleasant!?!  Its far from pleasant!


Check out this siteWinking smile  This pretty much sums it up for me.. Cooking Sucks!

I will figure it out later at the market.  But its gonna be a different week I can tell you that!  Breakfasts are easy, lunches are too actually.  Now I just need to figure out dinner.  It shouldn’t be this hard, expensive or stressful.

Well, I better get up and get to it.  Sunday is my day to get my life ready for another week!  It’s a balancing day!

Enjoy the rest of the day!






6 thoughts on “Cooking Sucks!

  1. I do a lot of cooking for the week on Sunday. What about a nice spinach and cheese frittata. I just whip up some eggs with cream or half and half throw in spinach and cheese. Pop in the oven. And add some fried potatoes. Or a nice crock pot minestrone. I just put all the vegies in with canned tomatoes ,herbs and put on low for 8 hours. A nice chunk of bread and butter and it’s dinner. I batch cook double stuff baked potatoes. So I take them out of the freezer and either microwave or oven . If your using the oven throw in some chicken breasts. I just put some olive oil over them and salt and pepper. Done in 45 minutes.
    I’m not a fancy cook and we eat pretty simply but I agree sometimes nothing tastes good. Or is what I want.
    Hang in there. Usually it passes after a day of not cooking.

    • Hi Tahoe girl! Great ideas! When I start cooking again! Right now I an done. I think cooking up some salmon or chicken to add to frozen dinner is about all I got in me! ;/) tiday I evdn resented having to scramble eggs! It really is completely redic way to feel!

    • Yes when I put it all together and put it in the pan. Was bland and off! I thought if I baked it I could save it. But after sleeping on it, I realized it wasnt fit for consumption. Trust me, I do not throw away good food, or even not so good food. I donot usually waste. ;-(

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