Yet Another Idea

Good morning!

Over the past three years you have seen me come up with different ways to eat. These attempts have been driven by my health more than anything. However budget is a huge factor because your groceries are where you can save or overspend!

You have seen me dabble in Weightwatcher, which I love, Paleo, FODMAPS, SCD, gluten free and dairy free, which I still remain and many others.

Its so hard for me to find ways that are fast, cheap, good for me, good for my daughter and sustainable.

I am burned out!

So for now I give up! I don’t think I will eat like this forever, but for now, while I figure it out, it will work.

This is the plan: Frozen food! I know! Filling up my cart with these cardboard boxes just seemed wrong on many levels and yet, right!

I bought food that fits my gluten and Dairy free needs. I do eat hard cheese and butter with no issue.


I was at Vons and was so happy they had all that! I figured I would have to go to sprouts!

I found dinners for my kid!


I added salad:


Then we both take cereal bars for snacks:


Throw in some breakfast foods:





I figure I can cook up some protein, salmon or white fish and add that as well.

Its not gonna last long! It was not as expensive as I thought it would be, i have enough for over a week!

But the hard part for me, well one of the hard parts, is the trash it creates!


A lot of trash for one meal!

Here is the receipt, if its sideways I apologize. As you can see I added a bottle of Pinot Grigio! A must have!


Here we are back at the grind. Enjoy your week! Its a short one for me! Thankfully!



2 thoughts on “Yet Another Idea

  1. Some times you just need a break and a chance to reset. Maybe you can find your favorite frozen meal after this week and make it yourself. I’ve done that before with a Lean Cuisine meal or Hamburger Helper meal. I hope you have a great week and stress-free meals, Debt Girl.

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