Short Week

I only have to work two days this week!


Tomorrow is Veterans Day, I took Thursday off, Friday is my regular day off and then its the weekend!

Tomorrow, after pancakes, me and the kid are gonna look at colleges and send out some emails, etc.

Things are happening fast now! She drove around a parking lot with her dad this weekend and has been studying online for her permit test.

We think a car might be in her future as soon as next May! How the heck you may ask? I got a plan! I have a very generous big brother that will help her out! So grateful to have one less thing to worry about. He was so kind when I finally told him about this BK!

I have not told a soul but after three years it really became too much to carry!

He said her getting a car was the last of my worries, and that I can stop worrying! I am forever grateful for that kindness.

Well better get into this LAST DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!



6 thoughts on “Short Week

  1. You find the best pictures. Love that cat’s happy dance. I would be doing a huge happy dance as well with a 2 day week. I have Friday off, but I pay a pretty big price for it – 12 hour days on Wed and Thurs because of parent/teacher conferences.

    That is awesome about your brother helping with the car. That would be the best part of being financially secure, being generous!

    • Hi KimC! I love the dancing kitty too, you have to love the internet.

      My brother is fortunate and I bet he looks at giving and helping that way! He was so generous with our mother. She raised a good man.

      Wish you had more time off! 😦


  2. Sometimes when we share our “secrets” we’re surprised by the outcome people actually care and understand – that can truly lessen the load we’re carrying. How wonderful that you have a caring and generous brother. Enjoy your long long weekend!

    • It was of of the hardest thingss I have ever done as I didn’t know how he would view my situation. But he listened and then was very understanding. It was nice to share it! I plan on coming clean to everyone when I get discharged!!!

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