Something Different

Hi there! I want to catch up.

Today is my vacation day and so I wanted to go to the community center and do a class, but I didn’t want to wait until 5:25 to catch the Step class.

Instead I did a few things around the condo then I went to the 11:00 Zumba class!


I know right! And I lived! Top that off with walk at 3:00 with my neighbor and I call that a successful day!

I swear I can get so used to having time to do what I want! Retirement is all I dream about! 4 – 6 years! Done!

In other news, you know all those GF foods I bought? OMG so spicy! What a dork I am! I am eating them but next time I buy them I need to be careful!

I have to tell you, it has been awesome time off from cooking and pots and pans! I do have some chicken thawing out too cook up. These meals are small and need supplementing.

So now… Plumbing issues! I think! Something is amiss! Seems like there is warm water in my cold!

I called a friend and he thinks its probably an o ring in the faucet itself. That would be ok because I immediately see $$$$! Which sends me into panic!

Its always something!

Hope you are keeping your head above hot water!


3 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Well trying to here,,,issues at work. Anyway I’m trying to think positive and remember to just let go, not be afraid of change and to count my blessings…enjoy your weekend Debtgirl!

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