Hello! First of all let me just get this off my chest: my daughter golfed so poorly on Saturday that we both went into a deep, deep depression!

Even her great score on Sunday could not save her! I stayed up in Solvang with her on Saturday, thankfully her dad took her back on Sunday as I was in a major depression!

When she was golfing I hit up the little town.


Its such a cute town full of souvenirs.



I even spied a Pendleton store!


But that is not what I was looking for! If you know me from reading for awhile, you know I seek out thrift stores! And I found some cute ones!



I became best friends with Oliver, the thrift store tabby! So sweet!


I found a white platter that I have been looking for since 2013! Found it for $5.00! You can see the edges of it in Oliver’s photo! (That cat posed!)

Will show you what I did with it tomorrow!

Hope all is well in your little corner of the world!



5 thoughts on “Solvang

  1. Awww, sorry about the bummer golf outing. I predict she’ll put it in perspective, learn from it, and move on. Love the platter, but love that handsome Oliver even more. I see Debt Girl, I see Debt Girl!

  2. Love your phone case! And you lok lovely, too.

    Ugh to the golf outing. But the key is to use it to become a better golfer. A big part of sports are mental, and learning how your own brain works and using it to your advantage is hugely helpful.

    • Why thank you kind Lady!!! i bought the case when I got the phone and I never change it 🙂

      You are so right about the mental game! That is what she is working on now! Xoxo happy thanksgiving

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