French Country

Hi all! Is it Friday yet? You know thats what I live for. 😎

I told you that I have been looking for a white platter like the one I found in Solvang last weekend forever.

I have actually been looking for it since 2013. I know this because I pinned my inspiration picture from Pinterest and took a screen shot of it on my ipad!

So here is my inspiration:


I fell in love with this little platter decor!

Now this is my version:


I did a few things different but I like mine better! First time ever I copied Pinterest and it was not a fail.

I added the PEACE to it to brighten up the counter! I just love it!

Then I replaced this clock as well.


With this. A pic of an older woman driving with her dogs! Thats me when I retire.


So I think the kitchen looks pretty and everything was really inexpensive.

Just the update we wanted and have been waiting for since 2013!

My own little corner of french country!

Hope all is well!



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