Happy Friday!

Hi all! I have been just keeping my nose to the grindstone this week! Nothing going on worth blogging about!

But l will try to catch up a little!

Work out: Been going to step class. My fav part is the weight work at the end! Wow, am I a wuss! It hasn’t gotten any easier. I am glad I started back up when I did, cause man, its hard!

Work: Sucks! I hate it more than ever!

Kid: Shes doing great, in spite of the last tourney fail. Shes looking at cars online. Look at this beauty!


No comment!

Finance: In the crapper! Its so hard, and spending $$$ I don’t really have on thrift store was silly. But I make it work via grocery. Trying to keep it low.

Thanksgiving Plan: I am doing the meal, Ralphs is doing the cooking! For 44.00 I am picking up the deal and just warming it up.

My favorite part of the day is the parade and the dog show anyway!


I hope all is well with you! I will check in soon!



5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Happy Weekend, Debt Girl. That car can be her “get a college education, get a good job” inspiration for when she’s 25:) I know it’s a tough sell, but first cars should be just about function. Easier said than done with a teenager. Actually can be difficult with adults. I’m fortunate that I’m around teachers, most of which don’t give a flip what they drive if it’s reliable. I often wonder what my opinions would be like if in a different profession, or in a different area of the country. Hope you have some time off in this upcoming week!

    • I have no idea what she is eventually going to get but that is out of the question. I think it was 12k! Can you believe the price of cars? What a waste of money! I just want to get safely to my destination and quite frankly oldler cars are fun for me. I am keeping mine forever! Its already 10 years old! 🙂

    • My car is 15 and I love it! (Helps that it was originally a very nice vehicle that was beautifully maintained for a decade by its original owner.) My boyfriend’s family likes it, because it’s safe, a station wagon, and easy to do repairs on.

      I do not love that someone rear-ended me the other week, attempting to pass me on a one-lane off-ramp….. But i love that she made it through like a champ.

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