Ready Set Go

Are you ready? I’m ready!


I know its not the cheapest way to make a dinner, but it works for me! Because of my quirky oven!

It comes packed up and ready to go!


Turkey and all the sides:




I make cranberries, hey, its stovetop!


And of course, some cheer:


The vodka was half price.
Kids dad is bringing the dessert and Martinelli’s.
I think we are good to go! What are your plans?


13 thoughts on “Ready Set Go

  1. Hi Debtgirl, we had our thanksgiving last month here in Canada so I’m just working this week as usual. Hope you have a great week (btw I’m looking out my window and its snowing)!

  2. So you just heat up the sides (pre-made), but you need to roast the turkey? I usually get a 6 or 7 pound turkey breast and fix it in a crockpot. I don’t eat the skin so a crockpot works great – tender, juicy, no fuss. Oven left available for other sides. One more work day for me, then 5 days off.

  3. Oh I would love to know how you crockpot the turkey. We don’t have Thanksgiving here in France (obviously) but even though I love cooking I hate preparing everything for Christmas so ready prepared sounds wonderful. Although to be honest, my idea of Christmas heaven would be cheese fondue on the ski slopes. Not there yet but who knows. And happy Thanksgiving to all of you over in the US. Anna

    • Ski slopes sound awesome! The turkey crockpot is easy. I can fit a 7 lb turkey breast in the crockpot. Since I’m going to throw the skin away I put the seasoning and butter under the skin. Usually cook it 7-8 hours on low or 4 hours on high – whenever the thermometer says its done. Thinking of you in France, and praying for peace. Hugs from this side of the pond.

      • Thanks Kim, I think I will give it a shot. Yes things are tense here in France – they have cancelled so many events – but so far not like Brussels which was under lock-down for 4 days. We don’t have much choice but to keep going – otherwise those buggers win don’t they. Anna

  4. i am always tempted to do this ,but then I like cooking so I end up making it all. I only got a turkey breast from whole foods though. then I make a vegetarian nut/rice loaf plus all the sides.
    I always threaten I’m not going to cook,(ha ha!!) but then I do.
    right now I have pumpkin cheese cake in the oven. We’re not big dessert eaters but still you got have something!!

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