I Was Right!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

My kid and I both had the day off and so I took her to a movie, its been ages.

We watched Brooklyn.


It’s a wonderful movie, I highly recommend it.

If you are a long time reader you know that I have struggled with my oven for.ev.er! Today I wanted to use up some chicken breast and I found this recipe:


I was going to chance it but at the store I found a thermometer!



And I WAS RIGHT! I put the temp at 350 and that darn oven climbed well over 400.

But I finally figured it out and the mock casserole came out ok!



No carbs but loaded with dairy! I just can’t win. :/(

It still won’t entice me to use the oven but at least now I can bake cookies and not scorch them.

Tonight I made up the cranberries for tomorrow and I have to say I am feeling no stress about dinner tomorrow!

Remember last thanksgiving? My faucet decided to leak? Hopefully that wont happen and even if it does, I have a bathroom sink! ;/) See no stress! (Crossed fingers).

Have a great day tomorrow! No stress allowed.


2 thoughts on “I Was Right!

  1. To you and DD as well, DebtGirl. On your oven, could you preheat it with the thermometer in it and figure out how “off” it is and then just adjust? It’s an imperfect solution, but maybe one that will give some measure of peace of mind.

    • Yes! That’s exactly why I bought it! It should help a lot!

      Not that I am a cook or baker but its nice to have the option.

      I actually can’t wait to try to cook a turkey breast in the crock pot next time like my reader Kim shared!

      Have a great Turkey Day!


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