I hope you had the best Thanksgiving! Are you still full? I woke up and made our breakfast which consisted of fruit! It seemed like the right way to start the day.

Ok let me start by admitting that every year when I buy my boxed dinner from a grocery store I am a little nervous that it will flop! Maybe the turkey will be dry, maybe it won’t smell like thanksgiving, maybe it will feel sad because that is kind of the look you get from people when you tell them that is your plan.

But let me tell you right now that our dinner was probably our best yet!

Everything was so good, the turkey so moist and the sides so flavorful and it was all hot and ready in two hours.

We went to the store in the morning and picked up a few things and my kid wanted to make some cookies, i wanted to try out my oven temp!



Perfect! I just kept an eye on the oven and adjusted when it got to hot!

I added some seasoning to the turkey and it smelled divine!


It has funny little rope marks but so what! I put the sides in the oven, the rolls in foil on the stove and we were all set!






My kids dad brought deviled eggs, Martinelli’s and TWO pies!


He and I enjoyed champaign with cranberry juice and I saved a few berries to float!


My kid set the table and we had a stress free, delicious dinner.


We also Face Timed our family and that was another highlight of the day!

It went off without a hitch. When you are younger, and if you have time, space and help, cooking is ok, but for me, for all those reasons and more, I will never cook a huge meal again!

The parade and the dog show were wonderful too!

Hope you had a stress free day as well!



6 thoughts on “Success

  1. It all looks delicious. I may seriously do this next year or even christmas. I don’t mind the cooking but so many dishes. Plus even prepping stuff the day before still amounts to a lot of kitchen time!!! Your table looks so pretty too.

    • You should! Everyone should! It was so awesome! Its so nice to actually enjoy the days off instead of slave in the kitchen. Now i have to figure outwgen to make soup!

      Hope you enjoyed your day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Glad the pre-made meal worked out so well. They are perfect for smaller parties – better portions, and you aren’t spending so much time in the kitchen to feed three people.

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