Busy Time

Hello! Hows it going? I have been so busy during this five day holiday!

Friday I took my kid golfing. Its the busiest most expensive day of the year but we got on the course, with a cart for $30.00! Can not believe that stroke of luck. They know her at that course!


Saturday we went to Osh and picked up our tree. I have learned that they are the cheapest, quality trees in the area. A noble fir, 6 ft, for 29.99. That’s a great deal in SoCal.


We got it home and set it up. We chose white, silver and red this year. While the boxes were out, I organized them by type in boxes so it will be easy to find by theme. I just have misc colorful and log cabin. When these get put away I will do by color, white, silver and red.

Of course we had to torment our Gracie, it a tradition!


And today I am home doing laundry. Have to go to grocery but keeping it really low spend! I have so much turkey left for the week.

I am going to freeze the carcass and make a soup for Christmas day. I will serve with a crusty bread and butter.

There we are, all caught up. Back to the grind tomorrow! 😦

Have a great rest of your day!



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