Back To Work

Well, I might be back to work but my mind is at home!

It really was a good day yesterday, easy and productive. The whole holiday was great!

I ended up putting the soup bones on the stove and will just freeze the broth! That will be Christmas dinner! A nice crusty bread and its all good!


I have been wanting a space to call my own and so this weekend I brought up the folding table, put a table cloth and a lamp and call it good!


Gracie loves it and it gives me a great place to let my creative juices flow!


My kid gave me an inspiration for a kids book and I am following it where ever it might take me!

It feels so nice to not have the cat smell in my house! I am so happy with that decision to pull up all the carpet.

Hey, tomorrow is my 38th payment. My necklace is growing!


I put my loop on a little early I just couldn’t wait.

22 more payments but who’s counting?!?



2 thoughts on “Back To Work

  1. That’s an awesome window. So the litter box in the hall closet is still working well? I’m having issues with Slugger and his litter box habits.

    • Yes! Its wotking great! Not one accident! Its like they love it cause its off and by itself. Good luck with slugger! The trick is to empty the whe thing out every weekend! Expensive but it works and hopefully no more UTI!

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