Back On The Trail

Still walking on my break! It keeps me sane! As can be.

The path I usually walk is getting paved so I headed back up the hill.

The last time I hiked the hill I was able to call my mom.

Miss her dearly! That was a painful realization.










Hi mom.



4 thoughts on “Back On The Trail

  1. About a year after my Dad died I was in a gift shop that had all kind of fancy relishes and hot peppers that Dad enjoyed.. My hand actually reached for something before I stopped myself and remembered that he was gone. He loved politics and sometimes I wish I could pick up the phone and discuss some ridiculous development. Your Mom is gone but she is still in your heart. So in a way she is still here.

    • Best Bun I completely understand. I can’t talk to anyone as candidly as I did with my mom about politics and my feelings about the world today! She really was on the same page. I am sorry for your loss. A year is not that long ago! ;-(

  2. It’s so hard to lose a parent. I continue to be awed by the beauty of the area where you hike. It looks like a wonderful place to remember the past, while moving forward.

    • Thank you Sheryl. It’s been six months already. I think of her at the strangest times. Like walking the trail since the the last time I walked and called her. Its those things! xoxoxo

      It really is so cool to have that trail!

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