Christmas Feeling

Happy Friday.  It’s going to be a hectic weekend.  I have so much to do.  Cleaning, organizing, and shopping. And top that off with a golf tourney.

I don’t have a lot of shopping but its time to hit up the 99 cent store.  It saves me so much money when I am in a pinch.  So when my kid is golfing I will head there tomorrow.

Tonight I wanted to take my kid over the the local promenade and see the huge tree and the lights.  It can put us in the Christmas spirit.



Lots of color and lights!



Even a Santa’s cottage, but I couldn’t talk her into a picture!  I think I try every year and she won’t have it!


We went to World Market because I had a 10% off coupon. I got her dad’s gift:


And my friends gift in Oregon which is some tea, a cup and some chocolate.  I got my sister a Zen color book like thing, it’s all the rage, but I got it really inexpensive.  And I got my kids sister a candle.

There. Now all I have to do is buy for my kid.  Oh and I have to get Christmas cards to send out.

I got my kid this tonight. She picked it out.


Because I actually have one and she loves it.  She already went in her room, lit a fire and and started writing.

Melt my heart.


Tomorrow is her tourney and I want her to be as relaxed as can be.  Last time we were both a bit uptight and I am hoping that with a relaxed evening she will do well.

I washed her clubs already, we are just chilling and I can’t believe its already 9:00!

Talk to you soon!



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