Finally a Haircut

Hello! Hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was hectic, at least on Saturday.

Dropped my kid of at tourney:



She did not win but she played very well!

Then I took off to Big Lots, Trader Joes and the 99 cent store. OMG bad news from the 99 cent store but that is for another day!

The good news is I FINALLY got my hair cut! Its been months!

I was zipping by Supercuts and decided to try it! I went in and it was super clean!


So For less than 30.00 I got a wash and cut! No blow dry. I didn’t actually see what it would look styled until today when I did it and its great!

We talked about color but a funny thing has happened! My hair is so silver white I don’t need it anymore!!! Wow! Best thing ever!

I gotta tell you this is the second time I went to a cheapie place to get hair did and I am sold!

See u soon!


6 thoughts on “Finally a Haircut

  1. Yay,welcome to the silver side! It saves so much money doesn’t it, and my hair feels healthier. For me it took some psychological getting used to but I’m good now. Enjoy your new haircut!

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