Pinterest Fail

What a surprise! Half the things I try from Pinterest fail.

To be fair though its because I am not the talented gods and goddess that most of the people who post their ideas are! But come on! This one takes no talent!

Just feet!

I do not get mani / pedis anymore for obvi reasons!

So I thought I would try this! The dead skin (ew) is supposed to come right off!


So I got the stuff:


Found a thing to use and soaked my itty bitty feet for 10 minutes.


All that happened was I stunk up the place cause of the vinegar AND kind of gave my tootsies a blue hue!!!


So now I just put coconut oil (cause I have a vat of it) on my feet with socks and hope for the best.

Heavy sigh!



4 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail

  1. Someone posted that recipe on the internet about a year ago and I do it pretty much every week (I double the recipe though) and it is brilliant. I do use a “foot razor” afterwards but it all comes right off and my feet always feel so refreshed. It only takes about 20 minutes all told and I have to admit I hate ugly feet (trouble is, I’ve got hands like a fish wife). Oh well I guess you can’t win em all. Anna

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