Christmas Card 2015

TGIF because its my Friday off and I don’t have a million things to do!

I love it when I don’t have a long list of to dos!

I just woke up, took my kid to school and did a bit of writing and I am still just putzing around in a rather carefree manner! 🙂

I probably do have a million things I SHOULD be doing but I don’t feel like SHOULDING on myself today.

This weekend I will get these cards out! No rush though and it will be kind of nice to sip some tea and address cards.


I picked these up last week at Big Lots.

My mother had a thing for penguins at Christmas so I honored her with my selection this year.


That is my big day. This weekend I don’t have much planned either!

Where did all this freedom come from all of a sudden? I feel like I must be forgetting something.

Talk to you soon.


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