Well today my kid had an early babysitting job and so I snuck away and off to Marshalls and Old Navy to take care if her gifts.

I get all necessities!




The PJs I bought for Christmas before her are now highwaters, its time!

A couple of infinity scarves, $4 a piece!


And a school tote bag!

Everything is under the tree, I feel done!


Except now some work stuff! But at least my kid has some presents and today she gets some cash for mall shopping. That way she gets what she wants.

My kid gets to go to the mall maybe twice a year to get new clothes! Where we live the kids go whenever the heck they want to!

I am so proud of my kid! Better go pick her up from work! Hope the kids didn’t make her cranky!

Did you shop yet?



2 thoughts on “Presents

  1. I think I’m all done, hope so! I have to ask – are highwater pants ones with high waists and shorter at the ankles. I’ve never heard the term before but I think we used to call those type of pants ‘ floods’. Have a good weekend!

    • Yes floods and high water the same. I think its becoming high fashion to have floods with heals. I was watching tv and a girl was wearing it. Super high wasted too!
      I would look like a clown!

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