Hello! Its getting pretty cold at night and it makes me wonder if I am going to be able to re-acclimate to the Oregon winters! But that is years from now, so not going to worry about that!

I have bigger fish to fry! Or bake?


That is my heater! My freaking heat is acting up! So I went all ghetto this morn and turned on the oven!

I also went online to see how hard it is to change thermostats because I think (I hope) that is the problem!



Tonight I have to go get a new one and try it!

Please universe let it just be an easy, cheap fix!


8 thoughts on “Ghetto

  1. Not sure that I would try this myself! I don’t mess with electrical things! Good luck and I hope you have success in both replacing it and it being the problem!

  2. Hope it is the thermostat. They are pretty to change. A couple of years ago my heat stopped working in February. That’s no fun in the Midwest. Turned out to be some kind of switch and the repair bill wasn’t too bad.

  3. How did it go? Were you able to fix your self?

    Early this year I decided to join a monthly maintain plan with a local company for $15 a month. It includes a yearly cleaning of the a/c and furance. Then about a two months ago the furance quick working after “hours”. They waived the after hours fee because of the plan…yeah. The guilt of the $15 payment disappeared.

  4. Debt Girl,

    If it’s not one thing, it’s another…hopefully it’s in inexpensive, easy ix.

    BTW – I moved from Van, Canada to Daytona Beach, Florida to here in WA state. You will adjust to the temperature change!!!!

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