Heater Fixed

Well that was lovely! I about died again last night and this morning! I don’t like to be cold, and I think I may have forgotten that!

I got a company to come out and thankfully I got a good guy!

After a lot of trying this and that he figured out it was a problem with the coils. They were packed and clogged with dust, dirt and cat hair!


Honestly if I knew where there were:


I could have done it myself but they were gross.



But I had no clue! When he finished he tested the air conditioner and guess what? Yep, it didn’t work!

Thank god he tested it! So we put back the old thermostat and it worked.

I would not have tested the air conditioner for a while and would have had to make another service call!

So for the whopping price of 250.00 it is fixed and I can take back the thermostat!

Done, wow! Expect the unexpected!



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