Well Crap!

Nope! I got lucky and my buddy came by and for a glass of eggnog and brandy:



He swapped our my thermostat.

For a second we thought it worked! But crap! It just cycled off and on!

So far about $40.00 out for the price if the thermostat!

I know I could take it back but the other one was old anyway!
Dang it!
So he thinks its something called a high limit switch! So when the unit get too hot it shuts down. That doesn’t equate to too hot in the place!
Its 66 degrees! Not cold to you? I am freezing! I have definitely become Californian!
Ok so I have a call into two local heating and air companies! ;-(
Why does crap like this ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS happen around the holidays when I am my brokest! Is that a word?

I hope I can get someone here this morning or at least get the ball rolling!

Things on my plate:

Car repair, remember the broken motor mounts, still not fixed.

Taxes coming up, I can’t even!

Kids permit and driving stuff.

Oh there is more! Just wait!

Stay tuned and bundled up!



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