Wish I May

Wish I might
Have been able
To stay in bed
Until tonight!

Well yesterday was not good! After the Secret Santa (I got a pretty good bottle of Cab) I was sitting at my desk and BAM! Major tear tendering cramps from hell!

I took some tylenol and kept it together and made it through the day but when I got home, all hell broke loose!

FLARE! Damn it!

I cant say its out if nowhere, my eating and drinking (eggnog really?) made it bound to happen. It just felt so good to feel “normal” for awhile.

I had chicken broth for dinner, took some extra VSL#3, took my meds and went to bed.

This morning my BFF told me to open my gift from Portland!


Omg I could have put them on right then and there!


Thank you my dear friend!

PJs!!!! I needed some! I wish I could have slid into them and stayed in bed and calmed things down.

But Work Happens and tomorrow I can do that!



2 thoughts on “Wish I May

  1. Bummer, I was hoping the flares were all over. Take care of yourself. Hope you are currently snuggled up with the new pj’s and kitty cats.

    • I am ths morning and I think I nipped it! I don’t think they will go away forever but if I can keep them at a distance that would be great!!!

      I hope you are warm and snuggly too!


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